There are two types of people basically who love appliances and kitchen gadgets: the keen dilettante cook and the professional chef, although it depends what sort of professional chef it is.

Most of the keen dilettante cooks are men. We love our gadgets anyway, so if we can use kitchen gadgets when we are cooking too, that is is the icing on the cake, so to speak.

However, if you like to collect (and use) kitchen gadgets, you need plenty of space. You need a large worktop to keep the latest ones on and plenty of cupboards to put the old ones in.

I have all sorts of electric appliances and kitchen gadgets, some that were useful even after a few weeks and many that were not, so in this piece, we will take a look at some of those appliances and kitchen gadgets.

My favourite cookware kitchen gadget of all time is the digital bread-making machine with a timer. I use it every day. If you want the best fresh bread in the world every (other) day, you need a bread-making machine.

The only point you really need to look out for here is the capacity of the baking tin. If you live alone, you only need to bake a one pound loaf at a time or the bread will go stale.

Other than that, all the electric digital bread machines are pretty much alike. If you do not have a bread making machine, try to get someone to give you one as a gift!

A heavy, cast iron fondue set is great is you like cheese and I love bread and cheese but I am not talking about a sliced white loaf and a pound of plastic Cheddar from the supermarket. Done properly, bread and cheese can be a wonderful gourmet meal and very nutritional.

A ceiling fan is a good idea for the kitchen, especially in the Spring and Summer. Yes, you can have your extractor hood as well, but it is not the same as a lovely ceiling fan blowing cool air onto you from above.

My wife is Thai and she cannot live without rice every day – like me and bread – so a rice cooker is another one of our vital appliances and kitchen gadgets. You can leave a little rice in there all day and it does not go off, is always warm and does not become gooey. It’s a bit like a slow cooker.

The slow cooker is my next favourite kitchen gadget. The slow cooker or crock pot is a Godsend for busy people. You can prepare the ingredients the night before, keep them in the fridge over night and then bung them in the slow cooker before going out in the morning. When you come home, a meal is waiting for you.

Thais like to steam food, for which she uses a wok and bamboo steamers. These are excellent appliances and kitchen gadgets because you can stir fry food quickly in the wok or steam it slowly in the bamboo containers.

We also like fruit, so we have all sorts of fruit and vegetable tools like mandolines and slicers and a juicer too along with a professional set of chef’s knives and scissors in an aluminium flight case – very posh.

A blender / liquidizer is an essential kitchen gadget for us too as it is very useful for making quick sauces and smoothies although my wife prefers her giant 4 lb Asian pestle and mortar for making traditional Thai food.

I do not use the wok often, so I prefer my heavy duty stainless steel pans, which are gleaming on the wall. We also regularly use grill tools and accessories, a lid lifter can opener (mains powered), mixing bowls and measuring jugs and other assorted personalized cooks’ tools.

Two of the appliances and kitchen gadgets that do not come out of the cupboard often are an electric salad shaker and a battery-powered pepper mill. Good quality, hand sea salt and pepper mills are far better.

As for warm drinks, I like to grind coffee beans every morning by hand with a rotary hand coffee grinder and then put them in the coffee percolator. I just love the smells of fresh bread and fresh coffee in the morning.

I am a dilettante male cook and I would not be without my appliances and kitchen gadgets, they are not absolutely necessary in order to eat what I like, but the best appliances and kitchen gadgets do make it easier.